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ALLES CNC ALBC3060 Cutting Machine, All The Way To Cut, High Cut

Sep 19, 2019

ALLES CNC ALBC3060 cutting machine, all the way to "cut", high "cut"

With the development of modern machinery processing industry, the requirements for the quality and precision of cutting are continuously improved, and the requirements for improving production efficiency, reducing production cost, and having high intelligent automatic cutting function are also increasing. The development of CNC cutting machines must adapt to the requirements of the development of modern machinery processing industry. The laser cutting machine is the fastest, the cutting precision is the highest, and the cutting thickness is generally small. The plasma cutting machine also cuts quickly, and the cutting surface has a certain slope.

ALBC3060-3 (1)

Product advantages

1. Using the world's top imported fiber laser, the performance is stable.

2. Excellent beam quality, making cutting lines more precise, work more efficient, and better processing quality.

3. The advanced imported cutting head control technology is adopted, and the automatic fault alarm protection display function of the cutting head is used. The use is more assured, the adjustment is more convenient, and the cutting is more perfect.

4. Equipped with high-precision, high-response drive for fast and precise cutting.

5. Equipped with automatic lubrication system to make the parts fully lubricated and improve the service life.

6. Equipped with heavy-duty exchange working platform, loading and unloading is more convenient and efficient.

Sample display

ALBC3060-3 (1)



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