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Jul 03, 2019

On July 2, 2019, ALLES CNC participated in the International Machine Tool and Metalworking Technology Exhibition in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam, and received the largest recognition in the CNC machine tool industry.

At the exhibition, the leaders of ALLES CNC introduced the 8 major products including CNC machining center, milling machine, drilling machine, boring and milling machine, punching machine to the customers and CNC machine tools at the exhibition, and discussed the major products together. The industries and development trends that can be applied, for example, the plate drilling machine in the drilling machine can be applied to industries such as construction and power plants, and the angle drilling system can be applied to the power transmission and communication industries.

Through conversations at the show, ALLES CNC customers are lamenting ALLEC CNC products,

“ALLES CNC is not only the thinker of CNC machine tools, but also consistent.” The leaders of ALLES participated in the exhibition to gain experience, but also to clarify the direction of the future development of CNC machine tools: ALLES is the world's industrial metal processing industry. Dedication.

Vietnam Exhibition

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