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ALLES CNC Conquers The Virus With Everyone

Feb 12, 2020


As human, virus in thousands of years follow us, this happen in EU before. In this 2020 spring festival time of china, china suffered a lot for this corona Virus. I am lucky, my family lucky, ALLES CNC also lucky, even my city Jinan and my state Shandong all lucky. But my people in Wuhan and Hubei suffered. But the virus will pass, we all Chinese together will conquer the virus. Herschensohn hospital as below video is amazing, but china nation for thousands of years also amazing nation. With all the worlds friends support help and best wishes. China will win, this time Chinese as human will win again the virus. Thanks for all friends whom give me, my family, my company and my nation, give all the supports, we remember and will feedback.

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