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ALLES CNC Deplores The Notre Dame De Paris

Apr 18, 2019

On the 15th local time, the Notre Dame de Paris suffered a major fire during the maintenance period. The spire of the tower collapsed, the rose window was damaged, and the 800-year history was extinguished. This is a catastrophe of human civilization.......

Notre Dame Fire in Paris

"Do you believe that Notre Dame will disappear in one day?" The answer is of course no, this is a precious civilization left by the accumulation of history, and it is inevitable to reorganize and repair. According to a spokesperson for Notre Dame de Paris, the repairs will take several years, and we believe that the Notre Dame will sooner or later show the day again.

There is an old saying in China: "Nirvana rebirth" The restoration of Notre Dame de Paris received wide attention from all walks of life around the world. AALLES CNC also paid attention to this incident. ALLES CNC expressed its pain and regretted the accident.

For the restoration of such ancient cultural relics, it is necessary for the top talents of various industries to carry out scientific and precise exploration, and to refine the processing consumables, it is necessary to strive for excellence. For this reason, ALLES CNC also wants to contribute to this. The equipment produced by the company is simple in operation, fast in operation and precise in scale, and is suitable for the production of steel structures. The flat and three-dimensional drills produced by ALLES CNC ensure that the machined parts meet the precision requirements and ensure the safe use of building consumables.

ALLES CNC Plane drill

ALLES CNC 3D drill