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Jul 05, 2019

1. What brand is the CNC system?

SIEMENS system; FANUC system; Shanghai LYNUC system; Taiwan China SYNTEC system to meet your requirements.

2. About delivery time

    a. there are more than 200 sets of machine tool are in stock

    b. we have own mechanical production line

    c. There is a long-term cooperation with the shipping company, can make the goods more quickly and efficiently so that can delivered safely to the designated place as guest.

3. About package

    wooden box

4. About special design

    We have a very rich experience and strong machine tool research and development capability to meet your requst.

5. About payment


Leap of ALLES CNC machine tools

More details: www.allescncmachine.com

Whatsapp: + 86-15966602397(24 hours online)