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Feb 20, 2020

Scientific deployment and strict control


Since the new coronavirus infection, SHANDONG ALLES ENERGY TECHNOLOGY CO., LTD has attached great importance to epidemic prevention and control, conscientiously implemented the spirit of document meetings of higher authorities, and quickly established a leading group for epidemic prevention and control. Urgently formulate "Guidelines for the Protection of Work Areas", "Precautions for Resumption of Work", and "Precautions for Disinfection", and require all departments to implement them carefully to ensure that prevention and control measures are advanced in an orderly and effective manner. Comprehensive statistics and timely updates on the inspections of retained and returning employees, screening of Hubei and Hubei personnel, and doing a good job of delaying returning and returning to work.


Disinfection protection


Strict implementation of disinfection and epidemic prevention twice a day. All workshops, office buildings, canteens, company apartment buildings and other public areas are spray-disinfected and wipe-disinfected, specially operated by personnel for safety protection.


Logistical support


Daily supplies such as masks, gloves, etc. are required daily. Set up a special trash can to recycle the used waste materials and isolate the virus. Drinking water, door handles and other public areas are regularly designated for disinfection and maintenance, providing a safer, more secure and comfortable working environment.

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Stable return to work to ensure production


Currently, in order to meet the timely delivery of orders, ALLES CNC has overcome difficulties, coordinated and coordinated resources, made production and sales deployment, and entered the state of resumption. We have resumed normal production levels and normal production!

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