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ALLES CNC MACHINE Congratulations On The Opening Of The Second One Belt And One Way International Summit Forum

Apr 26, 2019

The opening ceremony of the second "one belt and one way" International Cooperation summit was held in Beijing on the morning of 26. President Xi Jinping attended the opening ceremony and delivered keynote speech. President Xi Jinping pointed out that "more attention should be paid to the implementation of the policy of opening to the outside world." Chinese people have always advocated "one promise, one thousand gold". We attach great importance to the implementation of multilateral and bilateral economic and trade agreements with other countries, strengthen the construction of a government ruled by law and in good faith, establish a binding mechanism for the implementation of international agreements, amend and improve laws and regulations to meet the needs of expanding openness, standardize the actions of governments at all levels in terms of administrative licensing and market supervision, and clean up and abolish unreasonable provisions that hinder fair competition and distort the market. Subsidies and practices, fair treatment of all enterprises and operators, improve the market-oriented, legalized and convenient business environment.

ALLES CNC MACHINE is a member of the CNC machine tool industry, which is the foundation of the national manufacturing industry. Faced with the policy implementation plan issued by President Xi Jin, the company will improve its own industry quality. As a CNC machine tool trading company for export, ALLES CNC will consistently realize "CNC machine tool thinker", automated machining and high precision. ALLES CNC always contributes its strength to the realization of the national strategy of strengthening the country by science and technology.

The front square of the National Convention Center, the grand landscape sculpture "Silk Road Golden Bridge" is dazzling, and is regarded as a cultural bridge on the "one belt and one road". The vision of the whole world will be gathered here. For ALLES CNC, the production of steel structure materials has a great relationship with itself. The design materials of this building, the plane drill provided by ALLES CNC, have a great contribution. ALLES CNC has done a good job in greeting the new era and the arrival of new policies.

Today's China has stood at a new historical starting point. We are well aware that in spite of the brilliant achievements, there are still many peaks ahead that need to be surmounted, and there are dangerous beaches waiting to be trudged. We will continue to make great strides along the road of socialism with Chinese characteristics, adhere to comprehensive deepening of reform, adhere to high-quality development, adhere to expanding opening-up, adhere to the road of peaceful development, and promote the construction of a community of human destiny. Next, China will take a series of major reform and opening-up measures, strengthen institutional and structural arrangements, and promote a higher level of opening-up.

ALLES CNC MACHINE congratulations on the opening of the second one belt and one way International Summit Forum

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