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ALLES CNC Once Again Won The Trust Of Customers

Jan 25, 2019

                                                  ———— The IMTEX 2019 Exhibition live report

On January 24, the first day of the IMTEX exhibition in Bangalore, ALLES received many distinguished customers from India and all over the world. Customers are come from different industries, such as steel structures, iron towers, wind power, mold making, heat exchangers, boiler industry, automobile manufacturing, metal machining and so on.

                       cnc machine made in china

                       cnc machine made in china

ALLES CNC kindly introduced our cnc machines, such as cnc milling machine, cnc drilling machine, cnc machine center, cnc grinding machine, cnc punching machine, cnc milling and boring machine. etc to our customers, and the customers expressed great interest.

image                          image

                            3 Axis CNC Machine Center                       5 Axis CNC Machine Center


                                                    Gantry Type CNC Milling and Boring Machine

Customers have paid great attention to our 5 axis machine center and VMC vertical machine center. An Indian customer said "We just need this kind of machine, it is very suitable for processing my metal workpiece, I hope we can keep in touch" when discussing with us.



Of course, ALLES once again won the trust of customers. Welcome customers from all over the world to meet us at the Bangalore exhibition!

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