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ALLES CNC's Trip To Iran

Nov 12, 2019

trip to iran

Recently, the leaders of ALLES CNC embarked on a plane to Iran to visit long-time old customers and new customers who will reach cooperation. There is an old saying: "If you don't prepare, you are prepared to fail." The leaders of ALLES CNC arrived at the destination with the long-awaited materials and gifts, and the customers came out to receive us with enthusiasm, like old friends who have not seen for a long time.


In the customer's office, we discussed the products of ALLES CNC and the subsequent cooperation. In the communication with the valve industry, the CNC flange drilling machine and the CNC slewing bearing drilling machine were discussed. The centralized control of the numerical control system, the servo drive, the rack and pinion drive and the linear roller guide can realize the precise operation of the machine and reduce the workers. Labor intensity.


In the production of ring-shaped workpieces, the CNC plate drilling machine was discussed together. The thickness can be efficiently processed in the effective range. There are three types of hydraulic clamping and T-slots, as well as hydraulic clamping and T-slot. Forms, as well as steel structure plate drilling machine, wind power plate drilling machine, etc., can improve production efficiency and processing quality.


In the process of communication, ALLES CNC built a complete trust with the customer, trusted the company and trusted the product.

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