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ALVMC850 Bridge Type CNC MACHINE CENTER, Let You Become An Efficiency Expert

Sep 11, 2019

ALVMC850 Bridge Type CNC MACHINE CENTER, work ability to one by two

Simultaneously performing the clamping and processing, it has obvious advantages for the processing of parts with short processing time and high requirements for clamping, which greatly improves the utilization rate of the equipment.


Greatly improve machining efficiency, with fast milling, drilling and tapping

For processing requirements with short machining time or large number of workpieces, due to the large proportion of time required for workpiece exchange and the time-consuming increase of a large number of workpiece clamping, the time required for clamping, cleaning, etc. is directly saved, saving workpiece replacement. The time has greatly improved the processing efficiency.


Reduce the cost of employment

Since the workpiece can be clamped during processing, one operator can simultaneously correspond to multiple machines, which reduces the cost of the user.


Technical highlights

★ The machine tool adopts moving column structure, X-axis column moves, fast feeding speed, high efficiency and good reliability;

★ The base adopts integrated structure, high rigidity design and good stability;

★ Adjust the resonance frequency to the outside of the processing area by finite element analysis;

★ The whole machine sheet metal adopts a fully enclosed structure design – it is safe, stable and strong;

★ It adopts integrated electric box design, and special cooling device is installed on the electric box. The inside of the electric box forms a closed space and the temperature does not rise, thus protecting the electrical components from aging and reducing the failure rate;

★ The feed system adopts high-precision ball screw support unit and bearing to ensure the stability and accuracy requirements of the machine tool;

★ The motor adopts digital AC servo motor with high reliability and good sealing performance to ensure good dynamic performance;

★ If it is equipped with a robot or a robot to load and unload the workpiece, it can demonstrate its efficiency, and it can replace the workload of two conventional drilling and attack centers.


CNC Machine Center

This machine has high precision, high speed and high rigidity. It integrates drilling, tapping and milling. It is mainly used for drilling and tapping processes such as non-ferrous metal parts. It can realize boring and milling, especially For parts with short machining time and high requirements for frequent styling.

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