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Analysis Of CNC 5 Axis Machine Center For Automotive Interior Parts

Jan 02, 2020

cnc 5 axis machine center

At present, CAD systems are mainly used to design automotive parts, and parts are designed through reverse engineering and various tests. CAM software is used to process the complex surfaces of the mold. Numerically controlled processing, the relationship between the application of CNC 5 axis machine center in mold processing and the quality of automotive molds is analyzed below.


2.1 Processing of deep cavity molds

In the process of automobile mold manufacturing, if the CNC 3 axis machine center is used in the processing of deep cavity molds, the tool holder and the tool must be lengthened in order to achieve it, but when using the CNC 5 axis machine center to process deeper and steeper cavities, it is necessary to To create better process conditions for mold processing, the additional rotation and swing of the workpiece or the spindle head can appropriately reduce the length of the tool, thereby preventing collisions between the tool and the shank and the cavity wall, reducing processing When the tool shakes and breaks, the tool life is extended, and the surface quality and processing efficiency of the mold are greatly improved.


2.2 Processing of mold sidewall

For the machining of the mold sidewall, the CNC 3 axis machine center tool length is greater than the depth of the sidewall, and the tool length is also determined by the depth of the sidewall. If the length of the tool is increased, its strength will be significantly reduced. 3 The double-diameter yielding knife phenomenon will occur, and the quality of the workpiece will be difficult to guarantee. For example, if CNC 5 axis machine center is used to process the sidewall of the mold, the spindle or the workpiece can be used to swing the tool perpendicular to the mold sidewall. A flat milling cutter can be used when milling the sidewall of the mold, which can improve the workpiece. Quality and extended tool life.


2.3 Mold flat surface processing

When machining the flat surface of the mold, the CNC 3 axis machine center needs fine milling with a ball cutter to obtain a good surface quality. In this case, the tool path needs to be increased, but the center rotation speed of the ball nose cutter is almost zero. During the processing of the mold, the degree of tool damage is large, the service life of the tool will be shortened, and the surface quality of the mold will be worse. The CNC 5 axis machine center is used to process flat surfaces, and the tool can be machined at a certain angle on the workpiece. This can increase the relative line speed between the workpiece and the ball-end tool, which not only makes the service life of the tool By improving, the surface quality of the workpiece will also be greatly improved.


2.4 Machining the irregular surface of the mold

For the machining of molds with irregular curved surfaces, CNC 3 axis machine center is generally used to complete the cutting process. The cutting direction of the cutting tool moves along the entire path of cutting. The cutting process of the cutting edge of the tool will not change. The condition cannot guarantee the perfect quality of each part of the mold. For example, molds with frequent changes in curvature and molds with deep grooves can be processed by CNC 5 axis machine center. Cutting tools can always optimize the cutting state, and the tool can maximize the direction of the entire machining path. Optimization, and the tool can also perform linear motion at the same time, and each part of the mold surface will be perfect.


2.5 Processing of different geometric shapes of mold

When a five-axis machining center is used to process a mold with a three-dimensional curved plane, the cutting process of the mold is always protected in the best working state. The angle of the tool can be changed in any area of the machine tool to complete the geometric mold. machining.


2.6 Machining of oblique holes on the inclined surface of the mold

When machining the slanted holes of the mold, the CNC 5 axis machine center can be used to swing the head of the swinging machine to place the spindle on the vertical side of the workpiece, and locate the accurate hole position. In order to accurately machine the oblique hole on the mold, at least two linear axis interpolation movements are needed, and the accuracy of the hole position is significantly reduced in this process. For machining inclined surfaces, the CNC 5 axis machine center of the pendulum table is used. The action is to place the inclined plane of the mold at a position perpendicular to the main axis through the machine table. The machining of the single-axis inclined hole of the linear axis of the main axis can be completed. Significantly improved hole accuracy.


2.7 Milling a straight line for a mold without direction change

If you want to mill a straight line with no change in direction, you only need to draw a straight line with the tool tip. If the direction needs to be changed, you can draw a curve with the tool tip. The direction of the tool tip is changed. At this time, if you want a straight line, you must It is extremely important to apply the CNC 5 axis machine center to the necessary compensation of the curve. If the control system does not consider the length of the tool, the tool is rotated around the axis center, the tool tip cannot be fixed, and it is likely to move out of the current working position, but it has five axes in the CNC 5 axis machine center system Control function. In the operation of the processing mold, although the direction of the tool is changed using the five-axis control system, the position of the tool tip can remain unchanged. In this process, the necessary compensation motion of the xyz axis is also automatically calculated. At this time, the machining accuracy is significantly improved.

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