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Application Of CNC Machine Tools In The Aerospace Industry

Oct 10, 2019


The aerospace industry is mainly composed of aircraft and spacecraft. Helicopters, rotorcraft, rockets, space shuttles, planetary detectors, etc. are typical aircraft in the aerospace industry. Closely related to our lives is the aircraft, which is the main carrier of air transport production.

The aerospace industry has a wide variety of components, complex structures, diverse materials and different performances, so it requires precise, stable and versatile CNC equipment. ALLES CNC's machine tools are characterized by a wide range of products, beautiful overall shape, high flexibility, stable system, high precision, large torque and multi-axis linkage. In order to further improve the processing quality of our customers' products, we can provide more customized functions such as online testing according to customer requirements.


Processing characteristics:

Aircraft fuselage structure parts:

Typical parts of aircraft fuselage structural components are beams, ribs, ribs, frames, siding, joints, slides and the like. The flat parts, the elongated parts, the multi-chamber parts and the ultra-thin wall frame structure are mainly used. The blanks are sheets, forgings and extruded aluminum alloy profiles. The material utilization rate is only about 5%-10%, and the amount of raw materials removed is large. At present, more than 90% of domestic aircraft parts are aluminum alloy and titanium alloy parts, and a small amount is stainless steel. These parts are thin-walled structures with complex shapes, large changes in the shape of the bevel, and mostly hyperboloids, requiring precise forming.


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