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Application Of CNC Plate Drilling Machine

Nov 28, 2019

With the development of the network, customers can easily find a large number of companies selling CNC drilling machines on computers and mobile phones. Among them are manufacturers, traders, etc., which brings convenience to customers, and also causes customers to choose Confused, can't tell which real manufacturers are? What is the technical strength of the manufacturer? Without really understanding the customer's needs, you cannot recommend a suitable CNC drilling machine for the customer.

cnc plate drilling machine(alles cnc) 

SHANDONG ALLES ENERGY TECHNOLOGY CO., LTD has CNC drilling machines of different specifications and models, and recommends suitable equipment according to the real needs of customers:


a. In the petrochemical industry, it is recommended to use high-speed CNC drilling milling machines (such as ALPHD series) for processing of heat exchangers and tube sheets, because the tube sheet has a large thickness and many holes, and the processing efficiency at normal speed is too slow.


b. For tube plate and head processing in the boiler industry, CNC tube sheet drilling machine is recommended according to the annual production capacity of the customer. For low production capacity, the ALPZ series (speed 560 r / min) can be selected. For large annual output, the ALPHD series (speed 3000 rpm) can be recommended. ).


c. For tower and steel structure connection plate processing, ALPZ series (speed 560 r / min), ALPHD series (speed 3000 r / min) or CJHZ (A) series (speed 3000 r / min) CNC plate drilling machine can be selected.


d. For nuclear power tube sheet processing, CNC deep hole drilling machine is recommended for deep holes.


CNC plate drilling machine can complete multiple processes such as drilling, expansion, reaming, tapping, etc. In the wind power, boiler, petroleum, chemical, nuclear power equipment and other industries, flanges, heat exchangers, tube sheet fittings, iron towers, and steel structures are connected. In plate processing, there are a large number of hole processing requirements, and a CNC plate drilling machine can meet the processing.

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