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Batch Processing Of Small CNC Machine Center

Apr 23, 2020

What should I pay attention to when processing small CNC Machine Center in batches?

1. Workpiece size is not accurate enough, surface finish is poor

The cause of the problem: the tip of the CNC tool is damaged and not sharp enough; the placement of the small CNC Machine Center is not stable, and the processing process resonates; the processing technology is not ideal.

Solution: re-grind the tool or choose a better tool for tool setting; the small CNC Machine Center resonates or is unstable during the machining process, and the horizontal position should be adjusted to lay the foundation and be stable; the small CNC Machine Center should pay attention to maintenance, After work, the wire should be cleaned and lubricating oil should be added in time to reduce friction. Choose a coolant suitable for the processing of the workpiece. When the processing requirements of other processes can be met, try to select a higher spindle speed.

2. Workpiece out of tolerance during batch processing

The small machining center has the characteristics of high precision and high efficiency. With the participation of the manipulator, it can complete the processing needs of multiple processes through one clamping. Therefore, the batch processing of complex heterogeneous workpieces is a feature of the small CNC Machine Center. The out-of-tolerance phenomenon greatly affects the pass rate of the order workpiece.

Cause of the problem: The horizontal placement of the small CNC Machine Center is not adjusted properly, one high and one low, and the placement is not stable; the workpiece material is relatively hard, and the tool eats the knife deeper, resulting in the phenomenon of giving up the knife.

Solution: Use a spirit level to readjust the level of the small CNC Machine Center, lay a solid foundation, and fix the machine tool to improve its toughness; choose a reasonable process and appropriate cutting feed to avoid the tool being forced to make the knife; adjust the tailstock in time.

The small CNC Machine Center should pay special attention to the above two issues when processing orders in batches. Once it occurs, it should be promptly checked to ensure the efficient production of orders.

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