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Boring And Milling Machine

Aug 01, 2019

Do you know what machine tool is the boring and milling machine? What are the characteristics? What industry is it suitable for? Now follow the footsteps of ALLEA CNC to learn about the boring and milling machine.


The boring and milling machine is a kind of processing tool commonly used in the processing industry. It combines the two functions of the force boring machine and the milling machine to make the processing efficiency higher and the precision better, which greatly improves the product quality and labor efficiency.


ALLES ENERGY TECHNOLOGY CO., LTD is quite representative in the industry. Its CNC machining center, CNC milling machine and CNC drilling machine are widely used in engineering machinery equipment processing, mold processing, power generation equipment processing, vehicle and ship engine processing, wind power components. Processing and other fields. ALLES CNC GANTRY MOVABLE SERIES consists of a fixed table, moving gantry and beams. The main structural parts are made of high-strength cast iron and phenolic sand, which has good shock absorption and thermal stability. The structure of the whole machine is characterized by high rigidity and high reliability. It is suitable for the processing of heavy-duty and extra-heavy basic parts in metallurgy, railway, heavy machinery, shipbuilding, automobile and other industries, especially CNC machining of various planes, curved surfaces and space curved surfaces. Rough and fine machining of complex parts in plates, boxes and chassis.


The boring and milling machine has good rigidity and high stability to ensure long-term work.

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