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Brief Analysis Of CNC Gantry Type Machine Center

Dec 17, 2019

cnc gantry type machine center

Before the CNC gantry type machine center determines the object to purchase, it should first clearly prepare the processing object.


Generally speaking, the part with the following characteristics is CNC gantry type machine center: Process-intensive work means that a workpiece requires a large number of tools for processing. For the workpieces with complicated positioning, such as multi-hole machining with the accuracy of positioning hole distance, it is very convenient to implement the feature of high positioning accuracy of machine tools. Reproducible workpieces are suitable for processing single pieces in small batches. Small batch refers to 1-100 pieces, each batch is not large, but need to repeat production.


In addition, even if the shapes and sizes of the workpieces are different, but they are similar workpieces, it is easy to realize the parts of the group processing technology.


Complex shaped parts such as complex molds and aerospace parts can be processed on CNC machine center with the help of automatic programming technology. Box and plate parts are used in CNC horizontal MACHINE CENTER. The body parts are surface treated, such as with the main body, pump body, valve body, internal combustion engine cylinder, etc. If the top surface and clamping are in process, CNC 5 machine center can be selected. CNC vertical machine center, cylinder head, flat cam, etc. CNC gantry type machine center processes large-scale houses and plate parts, such as diesel engine block, machining center pillar, bed, printing wall machine, etc.

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