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Brief Description Of The Accuracy Of The Machining Center

Jun 04, 2020

In recent years, with the application of computer technology, precision manufacturing technology, intelligent control technology and new material technology in the machine tool industry, domestic machining centers have continuously improved CNC machine tool technology. High-speed, high-precision, compound, and intelligent are the basic characteristics of high-end CNC machine tools. In addition to the above technologies, the core technology of the precision working mother machine is also reflected in how to improve the basic manufacturing accuracy, dynamic characteristics, accuracy retention and reliability of the machine tool.

Geometric accuracy is one of the important performance indicators of the machining center, especially for machine tools with higher precision requirements such as precision horizontal machining centers. Similar to robots, the geometric accuracy of CNC machine tools can be improved by precision design and error compensation, and the establishment of an error model of the mapping relationship between the tool-workpiece relative pose error and the system geometric error source is common to achieve precision design and error compensation premise.

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