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Building Steel Structure Processing Equipment - ALPZ Series Standard CNC Plate Drilling Machine

Oct 21, 2019

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Steel structure construction is a building with load-bearing structure made of construction steel. Beams, columns, trusses and other components usually made of steel and steel plates constitute a load-bearing structure. It forms a whole plant with the envelopes such as roofing, floor and wall.


The steel has high strength and elastic modulus and uniform material. The steel structure is made of good plasticity and toughness, high precision, convenient installation, high degree of industrialization and quick construction. However, it has poor corrosion resistance and fire resistance and requires frequent maintenance.


While the steel structure of the building is developing rapidly, if the steel structure can be accurately and efficiently cut, ALLES CNC will take you through the construction of the steel structure processing equipment - ALPZ series CNC Plate Drilling Machine.

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1. The main components of the machine tool:

The machine tool mainly consists of bed, gantry, vertical slide, drilling power head, hydraulic system, control system, centralized lubrication system, cooling chip removal system and so on.

2. High production efficiency:

This machine adopts the form of fixed bed and gantry movement. The workpiece is clamped by hydraulic clamps, which is easy to operate and labor-saving. Small workpieces can be clamped at the four corners of the table, which can significantly shorten the production preparation cycle and improve production efficiency.

3. 3 CNC axes:

The machine has three CNC axes, each of which is guided by a precision linear rolling guide, servo motor + rolling screw drive.

4. Work reliability:

Through the upper computer software, the starting point and the ending point of the work can be automatically processed, not only the through hole but also the blind hole and the hole end chamfer can be drilled, which has the advantages of high processing efficiency, high work reliability, simple structure and low maintenance cost. .

5.circulating water cooling:

The drill bit is cooled by circulating water.

6.Automatic chip removal:

A chip conveyor is installed under the bed to automatically remove chips.

7. Less failure:

Linear guides, hydraulic components, servo motors, etc. are world-renowned brands. Less failure, high operating rate.


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