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Buy High Precision CNC Grinder? Choose ALLES CNC!

May 21, 2019

Among all grinding machines, bridge CNC grinder is the most widely used type of machine tool. It is generally composed of cast iron bed, worktable, head frame, tailstock, grinding wheel frame (grinding head) which supports and drives workpiece rotation, transverse feed mechanism which controls grinding workpiece size, electrical and hydraulic devices which control the movement of moving parts of machine tool, etc. Form.

The ALLES CNC high precision CNC grinder can greatly improve the grinding efficiency and the quality of grinding workpiece, thus reducing the labor cost.

ALLES CNC ALGM series Bridge type Grinding Machine adopts centralized control of numerical control system, servo drive, rack and pinion drive and roller linear guide, large enveloping structure, which can realize precise movement of machine tool and reduce labor intensity of workers.

The most important reasons for purchasing high-precision CNC grinding machines are: 

1. Achieve grinding effect 2. High efficiency 3. Machine stability.

 All of the above, ALLES CNC ALGM series bridge CNC grinding machines can be realized. A variety of grinding cases, efficient grinding output, long-term stable operation, etc., have won praise from many customers.

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Therefore, the purchase of high-precision CNC grinding machine selection ALLES CNC is right! At present, the factory has a large number of stocks, welcome new and old customers to come to consult.

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