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Buying CNC Machine Center Is A Few Basic Issues You Must Know

Oct 31, 2019

CNC Machine Center is increasingly favored by large and small manufacturers because of its high processing precision, high efficiency, high degree of automation and strong composite processing capabilities, especially for individual industrial and commercial households, because of their small size and limited funds. It takes the least amount of money to do the biggest thing. The CNC machining center is the first choice for the machine. The reason is that a CNC machining center can be used to complete the work that needs to be done by milling machines, boring machines, drilling machines and tapping machines. Greatly saved equipment investment, but also reduced the threshold of the processing industry.


However, for those who are buying and using CNC Machine Center for the first time, because they are not familiar with CNC Machine Center, they often spend a lot of money to purchase a multi-function machining center that is versatile but not used. Today, ALLES CNC will briefly introduce you to the basic questions that you must know when purchasing CNC Machine Center. I hope it will be useful to everyone.

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When selecting CNC Machine Center, you should make full use of the functions of CNC equipment and carry out reasonable development as needed to expand the functions of CNC Machine Center to meet the needs of products. Then, according to the selected CNC machine center, the CNC machining plan and process route are further optimized, and the content of the process is appropriately adjusted as needed.


First of all, we must ensure the technical requirements of the machined parts and be able to process qualified parts. Secondly, it is beneficial to improve production efficiency and reduce production costs. The choice of machine tools generally takes into account the machine structure, load, power, stroke and accuracy. It is also necessary to select the characteristics and positioning of the workpiece according to the material state, technical state requirements and process complexity of the machined parts.


1. The power and stiffness of the machine tool and the maneuver range should be compatible with the nature of the process and the most appropriate amount of cutting. If the blank is removed by the roughing process and the cutting allowance is selected, the CNC machine center is required to have large power and good rigidity.


2. The size of the main specifications of the CNC machining center should be compatible with the contour size of the workpiece. That is, small workpieces should be machined with small specifications, while large workpieces should be machined with large specifications to achieve reasonable use of the equipment.


3, convenient clamping, simple structure of the fixture is also a factor to consider when choosing a CNC machining center. Which kind of CNC machining center is selected will directly affect the structure and machining coordinate system of the selected fixture, which is directly related to the difficulty of NC programming and the reliability of CNC machining.


4. The working accuracy of the machine tool is compatible with the machining accuracy required by the process. According to the machining accuracy requirements of the parts, the machine tool should be selected. For the rough machining process with low precision requirements, the CNC machining center with low precision should be selected. For the precision machining process with high precision, the CNC machining center with high precision should be selected.

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