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C Type CNC Machine Center Features ALVMC850

Sep 06, 2019

CNC Machine Center can continuously complete milling, drilling, expanding, reaming, boring, tapping and 2D 3D curved surfaces in one setup. The precise machining of the cutting surface, processing and programization, batching, shortening the production cycle, the bridge type What? ALLES CNC will answer you.

VMC 3 Axis Machine Center(ALLES CNC)

1.C type gantry frame structure, both sides are driven by double servo motor, with good positioning accuracy and steady-state response characteristics;

2. The bridge and workbench are fixed, the rigidity is good, the bearing is large, and it is used for the five-axis machining of complex profiles of large workpieces;

3. The ram moves on the skateboard, and has a hydraulic balance cylinder balancing ram, small motion inertia, flexible movement, reliable positioning and stability, and ensures fast response of Z-direction high-speed feed;

4. High speed: X, Y, Z axis fast moving speed can reach 30m / min, A, C axis has 10r / min (60r / min);

5. Spindle high speed, suitable for high speed cutting;

6. Fully closed-loop control ensures the stability of the positioning accuracy and accuracy of the machine tool;

7. The main shaft is equipped with a constant temperature cooling device to ensure the constant temperature and accuracy of the spindle;

8. User-friendly operating system, more convenient operation.

C Type CNC Machine Center is easy to install, easy to operate, easy to observe, easy to debug, and widely used. SHANDONG ALLES ENERGY TECHNOLOGY CO.,LTD can answer all your questions and has a 24-hour quality online service looking forward to your enquiry.

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