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China Actively Provides Help To Affected Countries

Mar 18, 2020

China actively provides help to affected countries

In recent days, Chinese President Xi Jinping's diplomatic agenda has been very dense. Following a telephone conversation with Italian Prime Minister Conte on the evening of March 16th, President Xi held talks with visiting Pakistani President Alvi at the Great Hall of the People on the 17th. On the evening, he also had a telephone conversation with Spanish Prime Minister Sanchez.


Two telephone calls, one talk, and international cooperation in epidemic prevention and control are core topics.


Facing this global public health crisis, China has actively promoted international cooperation in epidemic prevention and control, demonstrating the responsibility of a responsible country.


During a telephone conversation with President Xi, Prime Minister Sanchez expressed his deep gratitude for the timely provision of urgently needed medical supplies to Spain by China.


As President Xi said in the call, "'The sun is always after the storm', I believe that through the test of fighting the epidemic together, China-Spain friendship will be stronger and the relationship between the two countries will usher in a better future."


Sanchez said that Spain and China have always supported each other and watched and helped each other, which is fully reflected in the joint fight against the epidemic. The current Spanish epidemic situation is severe. China provided Spain with urgently needed medical supplies in a timely manner, which fully reflects the friendly feelings towards the Spanish people. The Spanish people are deeply grateful for this. The Spanish government will try its best to protect the health and safety of Chinese citizens living in Spain. The epidemic is a common challenge facing the international community, and countries should work together to respond. Spain appreciates China's openness to promote international cooperation and is willing to strengthen exchanges and cooperation with China in various fields. It is believed that after the epidemic, relations between the two countries will further develop.

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