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Chuck For CNC Flange Drilling Machine

Nov 26, 2019

cnc drilling machine(alles cnc)

A chuck is a mechanical device used to clamp a workpiece on a machine tool. The machine tool attachment that clamps and positions the workpiece by using the radial movement of the movable jaws evenly distributed on the chuck body. The chuck is generally composed of a chuck body, a movable claw and a claw driving mechanism. The chuck body has a minimum diameter of 65 mm and a maximum diameter of 1500 mm. There is a through hole in the center for passing workpieces or bars. The back has a cylindrical or short tapered structure that is directly or through a flange connected to the end of the machine's spindle. .


The chuck on the CNC flange drilling machine can automatically clamp, position, and find the center of the circle, and accurately process the workpiece. The precision error of the workpiece can reach 0.1mm. It is mainly used in valves, pipes, chemical equipment and other industries. High precision and easy operation, it is the main equipment for flange processing.    


The chuck is usually installed on CNC vertical turning machine, CNC cylindrical grinding machine and CNC internal grinding machine.

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