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Classification Of CNC Machining Centers

Jul 02, 2019

The CNC machining center is a fully functional CNC machining machine. It combines the functions of milling, boring, drilling, tapping and cutting threads on a single machine, giving it a variety of processes. The machining center is provided with a tool magazine. The tool magazine stores different numbers of various tools or inspection tools, which are automatically selected and replaced by the program during the machining process.

The CNC machining center is divided into three axes and five axes:

The vertical machining center (three-axis) is a high-tech product developed by our company based on domestic and international market demand and fully utilizing modern design methods and computer technology. It is the most ideal replacement product. The machine has high torque and fast response characteristics, which greatly improves processing efficiency and processing quality. It can be applied to the processing of various types of parts, and is suitable for various mechanical processing fields such as automobile, mold, aerospace, military, hardware and so on.

At present, the high-end machining center is developing in the direction of five-axis control, and the pentahedron can be processed in one time.

Among them, the 5-axis machining center is a precision machine tool integrating mechanical, electrical, hydraulic and digital control. The worktable is a CNC rotary table, which processes planes, curved surfaces and holes. It has many cutting functions such as boring, milling, drilling and tapping. It can be installed once and processed in multiple steps, which greatly improves the processing efficiency and processing quality.

Classification of CNC machining centers

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