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CNC Cantilever Drilling Machine Operating Instructions

Mar 13, 2020

CNC Cantilever Drilling Machine


Cantilever drilling machine operating instructions

1. Check the equipment 5S management, close the power distribution cabinet open, and turn on the power in the control cabinet in turn. Trial run to check whether each component can work normally

2. First draw the cross line of the center of the workpiece to be drilled. In order to make it easier to see when processing, you can spray "Blue Dan" and then draw a line;

3. Firmly clamp the workpiece on the work platform (25), wipe the workbench clean when placing the workpiece, to prevent debris such as iron filings from padding under the workpiece, which will cause the workpiece to tilt and the hole to drill;

4. When placing the workpiece, it should be placed gently, so as not to hit the workbench or the machine to prevent the workpiece from being injured or the machine being damaged;

5. Universal clamping group or C-type can be used when clamping the workpiece. Pay attention to the proper force when clamping, not too tight or too loose. Too tight will damage the fixture.

6. Use the center column to align the hole, first use the lifting start lever to lower the machine head to a suitable position(20 ~ 30)mm from the surface of the workpiece), then gently pull the chuck down lever outward, and then lower the chuck gently. Note that the hand cannot be released at this time. If the machine head is released, it will fall down automatically, which may cause damage to the tool or the workpiece, and the hand may be injured. Lower the center column to about 1 ~ 2mm from the surface of the workpiece for rotation. The chuck moves the handle horizontally, and simultaneously moves the main shaft forward and backward until the center column is aligned with the intersection of the cross lines. Then gently lock the left and right rotation locking handles and the horizontal locking handles. Note that you cannot use too much force at this time to avoid the center Position change. After locking, lower the center column to check if there is any change in position. If so, repeat the above steps to perform the alignment.

7. Install the center drill to drill the center hole, adjust the high and low speed change lever and speed change lever, and adjust the speed to a suitable position, generally H6 speed;

8. According to the work orders and drawings, select the appropriate tool to be firmly clamped on the spindle chuck of the machine, and select the appropriate speed and feed rate according to the size of the tool and the material of the workpiece. Pay special attention to the new contact when feeding. The workpiece should be slow, because the chuck has a buffer device, if the tool is fed too quickly, it is easy to jam the tool, and the pressure of the tool can be increased after the tool is fed normally.

9. Pay attention to lifting the cutting tool at any time during the machining process to prevent the cutting of iron chips from being interrupted; 9. Pay attention to any abnormality of the cutting tool at any time during processing. If there is an abnormal phenomenon, immediately stop the machine for grinding or replacement. Tools, do not continue to use worn tools, in case of emergency N can press the emergency stop switch to turn off the machine power;

10. Shut down the power supply circuit breakers one by one during shutdown, and do protective work after a long shutdown.

11. It is strictly forbidden to leave the equipment unattended during operation. It is forbidden to use it without the consent of the person in charge of the equipment.

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