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CNC Deep Hole Drilling Machine

Nov 14, 2019

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The CNC deep hole drilling machine is different from the traditional hole machining method, relying on specific drilling techniques (such as gun drill, BTA drill, spray drill, etc.) for deep hole systems and precision shallow holes with a long diameter ratio of more than 10. Special machines for drilling are collectively referred to as deep hole drilling machines. It represents advanced, hole-machining technology with high precision, rate and consistency.

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The CNC deep hole drilling machine with BTA bits for tugsten carbid metal adopts an innovative spindle structure, which has a great improvement in load-bearing performance and higher rotation accuracy. The bed rail adopts a double rectangular guide rail suitable for deep hole processing machine tools, which has large bearing capacity and good guiding precision; the guide rail has been quenched and has high wear resistance. It is suitable for boring and rolling processing in machine tool manufacturing, locomotive, ship, coal machine, hydraulic, power machinery, pneumatic machinery and other industries, so that the workpiece roughness reaches 0.4-0.8μm.


This series of deep hole boring machines can be selected according to the workpiece conditions:

1. Workpiece rotation, tool rotation and reciprocating feed motion;

2. The workpiece rotates and the cutter does not rotate only for the reciprocating feed motion;

3. The workpiece does not rotate, the tool rotates and the reciprocating feed motion.

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CNC deep hole drilling machine features


The CNC deep hole drilling machine represents the advanced hole machining technology. The precision machining effect can be obtained by one pass. The hole position is accurate and the dimensional accuracy is good. Straightness, high coaxiality and high Surface finish and repeatability. It can easily process various forms of deep holes, and can also solve various special forms of deep holes, such as cross holes, inclined holes, blind holes and flat bottom blind holes. It can be used not only to process deep holes with large aspect ratio (up to 300 times), but also to process precision shallow holes. The small drilling aperture of the can reach 0.7mm.


Development overview and trends


CNC deep hole drilling machine for metal products drilling (the ratio of hole depth to hole diameter > 10) occupies a very important position in the field of machining, accounting for more than 40% of the hole processing. With the advancement of science and technology, the emergence of new high-strength, high-hardness and high-value difficult-to-machine deep-hole parts, the processing depth of workpieces, processing precision and processing efficiency are constantly increasing, making deep-hole machining become mechanical processing. Key processes and processing difficulties. Traditional machining methods are problematic due to process system stiffness, cutting discharge and cooling lubrication. It is increasingly difficult to meet or even fail to meet the requirements of precision, efficiency and materials in deep hole machining. So deep hole machining at this time requires the support of a specific drilling technology.

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