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CNC Drilling Machine Type Introduction And Its Advantages

Apr 29, 2019

The types of CNC drilling machines, such as multi-axis CNC plane drilling machines, and high-speed CNC plane drilling machines, are multi-axis CNC plane drilling machines, which are one of the numerical control drilling machines. Their applications are mainly in large flanges, Heater and tube sheet processing, it is mainly in the petrochemical, boiler and other industries.

High-speed CNC plane drilling machine, which is also a kind of CNC drilling machine, its main components are bed, slide, drilling power head, worktable, chip conveyor, hydraulic system, cooling system and pneumatic system. Compared with radial drilling machines, CNC drilling machines have the following advantages:

(1) It has high processing precision and can process parts with complicated shapes.

(2) It has a high degree of automation and therefore can reduce labor intensity.