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Aug 09, 2019

Everyone knows CNC FLANGE DRILLING MACHINE, but do you know small CNC FLANGE DRILLING MACHINE? Do you know that it has several categories? Do you know the hydraulic chuck series? Now ALLES CNC will answer your questions one by one.

CNC machine tool is an automatic machine tool with program control system. It can solve complicated, precise, small batch and multi-variety parts processing problems. It is a flexible and high-performance automatic machine tool. Among many machine tools, the small CNC FLANGE DRILLING MACHINE can be said to be a new product, and its function is not lower than other machine tools.

The small CNC FLANGE DRILLING MACHINE can be roughly divided into two types, one is the hydraulic chuck series, and the other is the custom chuck. Custom chucks, as the name implies, change the data according to what you need. The following is a detailed analysis of the hydraulic chuck series. The hydraulic chuck is a fixture controlled by a hydraulic system, which is used to clamp the workpiece on the spindle of the CNC machine.

cnc flange drilling machine(alles)

The small hydraulic chuck CNC FLANGE DRILLING MACHINE is composed of main engine, cooling system, hydraulic system and electrical system. It can process a variety of apertures and can be applied to a variety of workpieces, mainly used in valves, pipelines, chemical equipment and other industries. The equipment is a double-powered head cover sub-cooling high-speed drilling and milling machine. The two power heads are independent of each other, separated independently, and are independent units in the working process. This structure not only enhances efficiency but also increases strength and stability. Accurate positioning, Y-axis and W-axis two-week NC, Z-axis is manual, the workpiece can be accurately positioned in the center line of the working area, the drilling and milling work is completed, and the feed speed can be adjusted. When the drill bit is away from the workpiece, the drill bit advances rapidly. Give, when the drill bit is close to the workpiece, change to slow speed. Its lubrication system uses a distributed lubrication method, the result is simple, easy to use and maintain. High precision, easy to operate, is the main equipment for flange processing.

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