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CNC Gantry Milling Machine

Aug 06, 2019

Milling machines are a versatile machine tool, and the milling machine itself includes many types. Now ALLES CNC takes you through the CNC gantry milling machine.

The milling machine was originally a horizontal milling machine created by American E. Whitney in 1818. In order to mill the spiral groove of the twist drill, American J.R. Brown created the first universal milling machine in 1862, which is the prototype of the milling machine for the lifting platform. The portal milling machine appeared around 1884. Semi-automatic milling machines appeared in the 1920s, and the workbench used the stops to perform automatic conversion of "feed-fast" or "fast-feed".

According to whether the gantry is moving, it is divided into gantry fixed table mobile type and gantry mobile type (also called bridge type). Bridge gantry milling features small footprint and high load carrying capacity. The gantry travels up to 20 meters, making it easy to machine long or heavy workpieces.

The gantry milling machine, referred to as gantry milling, is a milling machine with a gantry frame and a horizontal long bed. The gantry milling machine can process the surface at the same time with multiple milling cutters. The machining accuracy and production efficiency are relatively high. It is suitable for the plane and inclined surface of large workpieces in batch and mass production. CNC gantry milling machines can also process space surfaces and some special parts.

CNC gantry milling machine is a precision machine tool that integrates mechanical, electric, hydraulic and numerical control. The structural features are fixed beams, gantry cnc milling machines that can machine planes, surfaces and holes. Milling, boring, drilling and tapping can all be done in one clamping, increasing production efficiency and processing quality. It adopts centralized control of numerical control system, AC servo drive system, rack and pinion drive system and roller linear guide. It has sufficient rigidity, high efficiency, convenient operation, simple structure and comprehensive performance. It can achieve precise movement of the machine and reduce the labor intensity of workers.

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