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CNC Gantry Milling Machine Production Assembly

Apr 02, 2019

    The production of Gantry type CNC milling machines ordered by Mexican customers at ALLES CNC was finalized. The various components of the machine have been produced and the workers began to assemble and debug the Gantry type CNC milling machine.

    The Gantry type CNC milling machine of ALLES CNC has the structural features of fixed beam and mobile gantry table. It can be installed once and processed in multiple steps with high rigidity and strength to ensure long-term stable operation.

    Workbench :


    Dragon Gate :


    Spindle :


    Debugging :


    The successfully debugged ALLES CNC/SHANYI CNC Gantry type CNC milling machine will soon cross the ocean and fly to the Mexican customers, waiting for the good news!

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    Tel: + 86-15966602397