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CNC High Speed Flange Drilling Machine Tool

Aug 27, 2020


This CNC high speed flange drilling machine tool is composed of a host, a cooling system, a hydraulic system and an electrical control system.

The CNC high speed flange drilling machine equipment can process a variety of apertures, and can adapt to a variety of specifications of workpieces.

The CNC high speed flange drilling machine equipment is a dual-power head high-pressure cooling high-speed drilling and milling equipment. The two power heads are not subordinate to each other, they are separated, and they are the working unit in the working process. This structure not only enhances efficiency but also increases strength and stability.

The CNC high speed flange drilling machine equipment has accurate positioning, Y-axis and W-axis are two-axis numerical control, Z-axis is manual, the workpiece can be accurately positioned on the center line of the work area to complete the drilling and milling work, and can adjust the feed rate, when the drill is far away from the workpiece , The drill bit feeds quickly, when the drill bit is close to the workpiece, it is changed to slow working speed.

The equipment adopts BT40 main shaft with internal water outlet from Taiwan.

The electrical numerical control system of this equipment adopts centralized control.

The lubrication system adopts decentralized lubrication, with simple structure, convenient use and maintenance.

Equipped with automatic chip conveyor and high pressure cooling system.

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