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CNC Machine Application In The Mold Industry

Oct 09, 2019

Mold is an indispensable process equipment in the manufacturing industry, mainly composed of injection mold, stamping die, die-casting die and forging die. Modern mold structures are becoming more and more complex, and the speed of product replacement is constantly accelerating, so only a large number of additional CNC equipment can meet the manufacturing requirements.

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High speed and high precision are the most basic requirements for mold processing machines. ALLES CNC's machine design is reasonable, high precision, high efficiency, high flexibility and so on. The multi-standard hard-track CNC Vertical Machine Center is available for surface machining, which is shock-resistant and smooth. CNC Horizontal Machine Center is suitable for large-scale mold processing, and has four-axis linkage function, which is very suitable for processing of inclined holes and sliders.


Processing characteristics:

1. Wheel mold, the material is die steel, the hardness is about HRC28-32.

2. The model cavity is deeper than the tool length, and the machine tool needs to be re-cut to ensure high rigidity.

3. Roughing requires rapid removal of the allowance and requires a large amount of cutting.


Recommended models:

CNC Vertical Machine Center


Basic equipment requirements:

1. BT40 spindle;

2. Spindle ring spray;

3. Three-axis hard track;

4. With 1:4 gear ratio gearbox.

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