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CNC Machine Center Automatic Diagnosis Function

Apr 15, 2020

For the management personnel of CNC machining center, when judging the cause of problems such as collision and abnormal processing on the processing site, the main problem is the lack of effective information for analysis. The FANUC system's machine tool status monitoring function and servo / spindle waveform data output function can save the main status information of the system and drive in a specific state for related analysis and judgment. Effective use of these functions can provide an important basis for machine tool equipment managers to troubleshoot the cause of failures, and draw accurate conclusions based on objective data and information.

1. Machine tool status monitoring function

When it is determined that the machine tool is faulty, the system will automatically collect and store important information at a specific time, such as: fault time, machine coordinate, moving speed, spindle speed, program name and line number, modal information, operation history, sensor signal status And custom PMC signal status, etc.

2. Servo / spindle waveform data output function

Servo / spindle waveform data output function can automatically collect waveform data of each servo axis and spindle when a machine tool failure occurs, such as command pulse, feedback pulse, position deviation, torque command, motor current and custom data The actual state of each feed axis and spindle when a fault occurs provides an accurate and reliable basis for analysis. The collected data is automatically output to the data server or MT-LINK i.

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