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CNC Machine Tool Magazine And Tool Changer Malfunction? ALLES CNC Teaches You How To Do It.

May 29, 2019

As the foundation of CNC machine tools, once the problem occurs, it will cause the machine to be unable to use such a major accident. ALLES CNC will help you to eliminate the failure of the tool magazine and the tool changer.

The tool magazine is the place where the CNC machine tool stores the tool. The tool magazine is in the form of a disk magazine and a chain tool magazine. The tool changer has two types of robot exchange and no robot exchange. It is used to exchange the tool between the spindle and the tool magazine. The robot tool change structure is fast, the robot has no simple tool change structure, and the price is low, but the tool change time is slightly longer. . Due to the complexity of the mechanical mechanism and the frequent use of the tool changer, the tool changer and the tool changer are the parts where the CNC machine tool is more likely to fail.

Common faults in the tool magazine and the tool changer are that the tool magazine cannot be rotated or rotated, the tool holder cannot clamp the tool, the mechanical hand clamping knife is unstable, or the robot movement error is too large. The tool magazine and the tool change device are also equipped with a mechanical origin. And the position detecting device, there are many opportunities for feedback signals error in the tool magazine and the tool change device due to electrical reasons. The cause of the failure of the tool magazine and the tool changer is mainly caused by the wear of the mechanical structure and the looseness of the electrical components, and also has a certain relationship with the adjustment of the assembly.

CNC machine tool magazine and tool changer malfunction?

Common faults and troubleshooting methods for tool magazines and tool changers:


1. the magazine can not be rotated


The motor shaft and the rotary shaft coupling of the tool magazine are loose. Remedy: Tighten the coupling screws.


2. PMC no output


The I/O interface board relay is disabled. Remedy: Check the PMC corresponding contact signal.


3. the tool magazine is not in rotation


There is an error in the transmission mechanism. Remedy: Adjust the transmission mechanism.


4. the tool falls off from the robot


(1) The mechanical clamping ring is damaged or inelastic. Remedy: Replace the clamping ring or readjust it.


(2) The tool is overweight. Remedy: Choose the right tool.


5. when the tool exchange is broken


When the robot caught the knife, it was not in place and began to pull the knife. Remedy: Adjust the robot arm so that the arm claws grasp the handle and then pull the knife.


6. the robot change tool speed is too fast or too slow


The tool change cylinder pressure is too high or too low or the tool change throttle opening is too large or too small. Remedy: Adjust the pressure or flow of the tool change pneumatic circuit.


7. the knife sleeve can not clamp the tool


(1) The adjustment screw on the knife sleeve is loose, or the spring is too loose, resulting in insufficient clamping force. Remedy: Rotate the adjusting nut on both sides of the knife sleeve clockwise to compress the spring.


(2) When the tool change is changed, the spindle head does not return to the tool change point or the tool change point changes. Remedy: Operate the headstock movement back to the tool change position, or reset the tool change point.

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