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CNC Machine Tool Servo System

Aug 27, 2019

Nowadays, with the continuous maturity of technology, AC servo motor technology has gradually replaced DC motor as the leading execution motor of servo system with its excellent cost performance. The maturity of AC servo system technology has also made the market show rapid diversification and become one of the supporting technologies of industrial automation.


servo system(alles)

The actuator and mechanical transmission components on the machine tool form the feed system of the CNC machine. It controls the feed speed, direction and displacement of the actuator according to the speed and displacement commands from the CNC. The actuators of each feed motion are equipped with a servo system. The function of the servo system is to convert the pulse signal from the numerical control device into the movement of the moving parts of the machine tool. It is equivalent to the hand of the manual operator, so that the worktable (or the slide) can be accurately positioned or strictly moved according to the prescribed trajectory. Finally, the parts that meet the requirements of the drawings are processed.


In recent years, servo motor control technology has developed more and more rapidly, and it is developing in three directions: communication, digitization and intelligence. As the actuator of CNC machine tools, the servo system integrates power electronics, control, drive and protection, and has experienced the progress of digital pulse width modulation technology, special motor material technology, microelectronic technology and modern control technology. From stepping to DC, and then to the development of communication.


The servo system consists of a servo-driven motor and a servo drive, which is the executive part of the CNC system. The driving components that drive the movement of the CNC machine tool include the spindle drive unit (mainly speed control), the feed drive unit (mainly speed control and position control), the spindle motor and the feed motor. In general, servo drive systems for CNC machine tools require good fast response performance and the ability to accurately and accurately track command functions. The servo system of CNC machine tools includes stepper motor servo system, DC servo system and AC servo system. Now the latter two are commonly used, all with position detecting components such as inductosyn and encoder, and AC servo system is replacing DC servo system.

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