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CNC Machine Tools

Oct 02, 2019
1.Machining program carrier: when NC machine tool is working normally, it does not need workers to operate machine tool directly, only by compiling machining program can NC machine tool be controlled. 2.CNC device: CNC device is the core of CNC machine tool. CNC system is a kind of position control system, which is based on the input data to insert the ideal motion track, and then output to the execution parts to process the required parts. 3. Servo system and measurement feedback system: servo system is an important part of NC machine tool, which is used to realize feed servo control and spindle servo control of NC machine tool. 4. Main body of machine tool: the main engine of machine tool is the main component of NC machine tool. It includes bed, base, column, beam, slide seat, worktable, spindle box, feed mechanism, tool holder, automatic tool changing device and so on. It is the mechanical part that automatically completes the machining of all kinds of machining parts on the NC machine tool. 5. Auxiliary device of CNC machine tool: auxiliary equipment is necessary to ensure that the function of CNC machine tool is brought into full play. The commonly used auxiliary equipment is pneumatic, hydraulic, chip removal, cooling, lubrication, turntable and CNC dividing head, protection, lighting and so on. Control the machine tool for control.