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CNC Machine Tools In The Automotive Industry

Sep 30, 2019

The automobile industry has become a pillar industry in China's economic development. As a developing country, the challenges facing China are even more severe. The car is mainly composed of an engine, a gearbox, a steering mechanism, a chassis, and a brake system. As the models are constantly updated, exhibiting short-term time-to-market and fast product updates, automotive manufacturing has extremely high requirements for quality and efficiency.

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The production of auto parts requires a large number of CNC machine tools to meet the needs of the market. With stable, reliable and efficient processing equipment and mature technology, it is the key to the success of the automotive industry. The machine tools of Newway CNC are equipped with high requirements and high standards in the automotive industry. Especially for highly integrated parts processing, such as engine block, etc., can form a flexible production line, which can better reflect the advantages of high efficiency, stability and versatility of our equipment.


Processing characteristics:

1. High processing precision; the tolerance of the hole is 6 grades, the roundness and cylindricity requirement is 0.008, and the parallelism of the head and hole is 0.01.

2, the workpiece material is C70S6 or 40Cr, the hardness is higher, it is more difficult to process.


Recommended models:

ALVMC855 CNC Vertical Machine Center

1. Basic equipment requirements:

Hydraulic clamp

2. High-precision spindle, optional BT50 spindle, water supply from the spindle center.

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