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CNC Machine Tools In The Electronics Industry

Sep 29, 2019


The numerical control equipment required by the electronics industry is basically used for the processing of small parts. ALLES CNC's CNC Vertical Machine Center and CNC Vertical Turning Machine are compact and beautiful, with high stability and high speed. For example, the fully functional CNC Vertical Turning Machine with a row of cutters and the vertical drilling and milling center for high-speed direct-coupled spindles can be used for machining in most electronics industries.


For example: LCD housing processing

Processing characteristics:

1. The aluminum shell of the outer casing is ultra-thin and large in size.

2. The housing has no reserved clamping position

3. The casing is easy to produce clamping deformation and processing deformation

 cnc vertical machine center

Recommended models: ALVMC1270 Bridge type 3 Axis Machine Center

Spindle speed 8000r/min;

2. Feed fast moving speed X/Y/Z axis 36m/min;

The spindle adopts BT40;

4. Achieve light cutting of the product.


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