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CNC Machine Tools Need To Be Moved? These Should Be Understood.

May 22, 2019

In recent years, with the development of science and technology and the innovation of the times, the CNC machine tool industry has also developed the development of blowout. The number of independently developed and self-created CNC machine tools has also increased, such as ALLES CNC's independent research and development and independent production of CNC. Machining center, high-speed CNC plane drill, etc. This development has also made the relocation and renovation of machine tools more and more common. With the development of the times, the renewal of new and old affairs, the market conditions of this industry have become difficult, and many companies have adjusted their production capacity according to their own needs and carried out their own development at an unprecedented speed.


As a result, more equipment is out of service or relocated to another factory.


As a simple example, assuming you buy a lot of CNC machines from ALLES CNC to speed up the rapid transformation of your own business, you have to replace some old or lost production equipment. In the process, new relocation products and old products have been replaced. Become a big problem.


ALLES CNC is here to give you some tips for your reference and research.


1. Clean machinery such as CNC machine tools in the early stages of equipment handling or handling.


2. To disassemble large-scale mechanical equipment, such as CNC machine tools, with professional tools, be sure to remove them partially.


3. Find a large, professional and experienced logistics company to move.


4. In the process of moving and moving, anti-vibration and anti-shake measures should be taken for CNC machine tools.


5. Pay attention to debugging during loading and unloading.


The above five points are the recommendations and precautions of ALLES CNC in the process of moving and moving CNC machines. I hope that these five recommendations from ALLES CNC can help our customers. As a thinker of CNC machine tools, ALLES CNC is committed to providing consistent quality and excellent after-sales service. Welcome customers to come to consult.

CNC machine tools need to be moved? These should be understood.

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