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CNC Machining Center Assembly

Jul 17, 2019

ALLES CNC's CNC machining center is a precision machine tool with mechanical, electrical, hydraulic and digital control, multi-process machining. The production area covers an area of 72,000 square meters. The machine can be installed at one time and processed in multiple processes for process programming and batching, shortening production cycles and greatly increasing machining efficiency and type.


The ALLES CNC machining center is divided into the following four types of mechanical equipment:

5-axis machine center

It adopts CNC rotary table and multiple machining surfaces to realize various cutting functions such as boring, milling, drilling and attack.

Gantry 5-axis machine tool center

The use of a fixed beam structure, as a bench-top mobile boring and milling machine, double pendulum mechanical five-axis head, greatly improves efficiency.

VMC 3-axis machine center

It is mainly used as parts for machining parts, disc parts, outer casing parts, molds, etc. with high precision, many processes and complex shapes.

VMC 3-axis machine center (C structure)

The unique C structure allows continuous machining of milling, drilling, expansion, twisting, twisting and tapping in one unit.

CNC machining centers have been used in aerospace industry, construction industry, manufacturing and other industries.


5 axis machine center

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