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CNC Machining Center Test Knife

Jun 03, 2020

Many new operators are asking what it means to test the CNC machining center. Today, SHANDONG ALLES ERENGY TECHNOLOGY CO.,LTD will share with you the experience of the test:


1. When the CNC machining center tries to move the tool to the surface of the workpiece 30 to 50 mm, it is necessary to confirm the coordinate values of the X and Y axes and the residual axis of the coordinate axis to keep the feed and mode consistent.

2. For tools that require tool testing, first test the length of the hole. After the test is passed, the entire length can be reached. Use gradually

The tool data of the tool radius compensation function can be modified from large to small.

3. After modifying the CNC machining center program, it is necessary to carefully check and calculate the modified parts.

4. When searching for the program, pay attention to whether the position of the cursor is reasonable and accurate, and observe whether the tool coordinates and the movement direction of the CNC machining center are correct.

5. During tool test or machining in CNC machining center, after changing the tool, re-measure the tool length and modify the tool compensation value and tool compensation number.

6. When performing manual continuous feed and manual feed operation, check whether each switch is selected in the correct position, positive and negative directions, and then press the button before the device is operated.

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