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CNC Plate Drilling Machine In Chemical Industry

Mar 24, 2020

SHANDONG ALLES ENERGY TECHNOLOGY CO., LTD CNC plate drilling machine has overturned the traditional processing mode for hole processing in the chemical industry. It is now the main CNC drilling machine for flanges, heat exchangers, tube sheet parts and so on. Previously, the traditional hole processing method was used. First, the fitter lined the positioning, then fixed the fixed tube sheet and other parts on the vise, and used a radial drilling machine to punch holes. For large diameter holes, there are even two procedures for drilling and expanding.

CNC plate drilling machine in chemical industry

Compared with the traditional hole machining method, the advantages of using CNC plate drilling machine are reflected in the following aspects:

1. CNC plate drilling machine eliminates the need for manual scribing. The traditional hole processing and positioning method is mainly based on the drawings, technical workers draw a line at a specified location, punch a positioning hole with a hand electric drill or a magnetic drill, which has a large error and low efficiency. For drilling on CNC plate drilling machine, you only need to input the parameters such as the location and number of holes into the computer, or enter the correct CAD design drawing, and use the photoelectric edge finder device to find any three points on the workpiece. The automatic continuous large-diameter machining of the drilling power head is realized, and the operation is very convenient, high accuracy and stability.

2. The superiority of CNC plate drilling machine in large-aperture machining. Traditional large-aperture hole processing requires steps such as scribing, positioning, punching, and reaming. The CNC plate drilling machine is characterized by full-automatic numerical control positioning for large-aperture machining. The large-aperture hole is formed at one time without secondary reaming.

3. In terms of processing accuracy, there are many uncertainties in the processing of artificial holes. The error is large and it is difficult to assemble. When the error is too large, the workpiece will be scrapped and the enterprise will be lost. The CNC plate drilling machine uses CNC positioning and precise machining. The positioning accuracy of the hole can reach more than ± 0.08mm, which can meet the processing requirements.

CNC plate drilling machine in chemical industry

4. In terms of processing efficiency, traditional hole processing requires one worker to draw lines, one worker to drill and proof, and one worker to load and unload, and one worker to drill. The CNC plate drilling machine requires only one technician and one loader. Save two labor costs. The traditional processing method takes a total of about 3.0 hours per tube sheet, while the CNC plate drilling machine processing method takes only 0.5 hours, and the efficiency is increased by about 6 times. It can be seen that the machining method of CNC plate drilling machine not only saves costs but also improves production efficiency and brings economic benefits to the enterprise.


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