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CNC Plate Drilling Machine Maintenance And Use

Feb 12, 2020

cnc plate drilling machine

CNC plate drilling machine is a new type of CNC drilling machine that replaces radial drilling in recent years. It uses workpiece fixation, and the gantry drives the power head to move. The stroke is preset according to the workpiece, and the drill can be fast-forwarded-work-forwarded The automatic conversion has the advantages of high processing efficiency, simple structure and low maintenance cost. Exquisite structure, easy to use and simple maintenance. 



In addition, CNC plate drilling machine operators must strictly abide by the operating procedures and equipment daily maintenance and maintenance system, strictly and properly operate the equipment in accordance with the instructions of the CNC plane drilling machine, and try to avoid affecting the use of the equipment due to improper operation. The following are the daily maintenance contents and requirements of CNC drilling and milling machines provided by SHANDONG ALLES ENERGY TECHNOLOGY CO., LTD for customers:

1. Regularly check the oil quantity of the lubricating oil tank, add the lubricating oil in time, the lubricating pump can start oiling and stop in time.

2. X, Z axial guide surface to remove chips and dirt, check whether the lubricating oil is sufficient, whether the guide surface is scratched or damaged.

3. Check the pressure of the pneumatic control system with the compressed air source, which should be within the normal range.

4, air source automatic water separator, automatic air dryer in time to clean up the filtered water in the water separator to ensure that the automatic air dryer works properly.

5. Check the balance pressure of the hydraulic balance system. The balance valve works normally when fast moving.

6. There is no abnormal noise in the oil tank and oil pump of the hydraulic system of the equipment, the pressure gauge indicates normal, no leakage of pipelines and joints, and normal working oil and surface height.

7. Each cooling and ventilation device of the electrical cabinet The cooling fans of each electrical cabinet work normally, and the air conditioning filter is not blocked.

8. Check the input / output device of the control system for looseness and contact.

9. All kinds of protective device guides, equipment protective covers, etc. should be free from looseness and water leakage.

10. Check the liquid level of the cooling oil tank and water tank at any time, add oil or water in time, and add cutting fluid in time to avoid corroding the machine table.

11. Don't accumulate too much when using the chip conveyor to avoid jamming and damage.

12. From time to time, check the spindle drive belt to adjust the belt tightness according to the instructions. If the belt is broken, it should be replaced in time.

13. Every six months, the bearing seat needs to be coated with new grease.


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