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Drilling Machine Tool Delivery

Aug 09, 2019

ALLES CNC develops CNC machine tools to ensure good product quality, on-time delivery, and the basic principles of customer integrity.

Recently, after the successful delivery of the boiler-specific drill, the customers in the boiler industry have ordered the head drill again. After a series of processes such as casting, annealing, processing and testing, it has been successfully delivered.

This is a customer from the Lanzhou boiler industry. The purpose of this purchase is mainly for the processing and manufacturing of tube sheets and other parts. CNC PLATE DRILLING MACHINE is not only used in the processing of tube sheets in the boiler industry, but also in the drilling of various large parts of porous systems such as laminated plates, longitudinal beams, structural steels and tubular parts, and heat exchangers in the petrochemical industry. , tube sheet processing, iron tower and steel structure joint plate processing.

boiler drilling machine

CNC PLATE DRILLING MACHINE orders are completed, thanks to the inspection and production of ALLES CNC engineers, thanks to the trust and support of customers. I hope that ALLES's high-quality CNC PLATE DRILLING MACHINE can bring capacity and unlimited profit to customers in the boiler industry, and look forward to the next cooperation. Want to know more about ALLES CNC? For more information, please click on SHADONG ALLES ENERGY TECHNOLOGY CO., LTD. We also look forward to your enquiry with a 24-hour quality online service.

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