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CNC Punching Machine Or CNC Drilling Machine Which Is Suitable For Your Job?

Dec 29, 2018

CNC punching Machine or CNC Drilling Machine which is suitable for your Job?

For the metal profile, when you need the holes, you may consider cnc drilling machine and cnc punching machine. May be you think, all are ok for my job. 

Now, Let us listen to the advice from the engineer of Alles CNC.

cnc drilling machine for H beam


The thickness of Metal Profile, punching and drilling, the process requirements are different. If the metal profile thickness is below 12mm, these two kinds of machines are all suitable for your job. However, if the metal profile thickness range from 12mm-100mm, we advice you use cnc drilling machine.


The cnc punching machine has more speed than cnc drilling machine, especially for metal profiles which is below 3MM, high speed punching is possible, the punching hole speed can reach to 60 holes every minute. For the cnc drilling machine, can only drill one hole every minute. So, cnc punching machine’ speed is more fast than cnc drilling machine.

3. Precision Requirment

CNC drilling machine can reach the highly precision machining, max. precision is 0.05mm, and it can guarantee the safety and integrity of the metal profile. The precision of CNC punching machine is lower, which precision can reach to 1mm. The metal Profiles also with the risk of deformation due to the rapid stamping process.

4.Price Factor

The price of CNC punching machine is lower than cnc drilling machine.

in conclusion, for the metal profiles, if the thickness below 12mm, and the machining accuracy is not high, also you want to the fast speed machining, at the same time lower budget, the cnc punching machine is the most suitable choice for you.

For the metal profiles which thickness is more than 12mm, or you need high precision machining, also have adequate funds, we recommand you use cnc drilling machine.

cnc H beam drilling machine

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