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CNC Sawing Machine

Aug 17, 2020


1) Fully automatic numerical control sawing machine, suitable for batch production and continuous cutting. 

2) Adopt PLC control system, can set a group or several groups of data continuous cutting. 

3) Color touch screen operation, intelligent man-machine interface, easy to operate, man-machine interface replaces the traditional button control panel.

4) The grating ruler is used to control the feeding length. The maximum feeding stroke of a single time is 500mm. If the length exceeds 500mm, the feeding can be divided into several times. 

5) PLC control, touch screen display. 

6) Designed for continuous batch cutting, with 34 wide saw blade, high cutting accuracy and fast cutting speed.

7) Steel brush type chip cleaning to ensure that the sawdust is thoroughly cleaned. 

8) The main transmission adopts worm gear reducer, which has strong power and reliable performance. After precise balance correction, the operation is stable and reliable. 

9) Narrow cutting, material saving and energy saving. 

10) The reasonable saw belt guide device can effectively extend the service life of the saw belt, and the movable saw blade guide device has stable structure and flexible movement. The transmission parts are adjusted to the precise balance to reduce the vibration and the descending speed is stable. This precise system can prevent the saw blade from abnormal damage and achieve the ideal sawing effect. 

11) Adopt high efficiency and energy saving design simple circuit, excellent space of electrical box, not only ensure low failure rate of machine, convenient maintenance, save time; 

12) In order to ensure the reliability of the machine operation, the saw blade, guide rail, electrical components and hydraulic components on the machine are all high-quality products of famous brands at home and abroad.

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