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CNC Vertical Machine Center

Mar 16, 2020

CNC vertical machine center

CNC vertical machine center is a highly automated processing equipment. When it is used for a long time or it is operated incorrectly, one or more failures will occur, so we must do daily maintenance. To this end, SHANDONG ALLES ENERGY TECHNOLOGY CO., LTD draws the following conclusions based on 36 years of experience:


1. CNC vertical machine center servo motor and spindle motor

The servo motor and control system are the key parts of the machine's power source and precision control. The focus is on checking noise and temperature rise. If the noise or temperature rise is too large, you should find out whether it is a mechanical problem such as a bearing or the parameter setting problem of the amplifier that matches it, and take corresponding measures to solve it. If there is abnormal noise during the movement of the servo axis, it may be due to mechanical noise caused by the screw, coupling, and concentricity with the servo motor. You can disconnect the CNC vertical machine center motor from the coupling and run the motor separately. If the motor still has noise, then adjust the speed loop gain and position loop gain appropriately to make the motor silent. If there is no noise, it is judged that the concentricity of the screw and the coupling is a problem. Re-correct the concentricity and then connect the motor. The problem can generally be eliminated.


2. CNC vertical machine center measurement feedback element

Measurement feedback components include encoders, grating scales, etc., it is necessary to frequently check whether the components are connected loosely, whether they are contaminated by oil or dust, and dust and small iron filings may damage such components.


3. CNC vertical machine center electrical control part

Frequently check whether the external three-phase power voltage connected to the machine tool is normal; check whether the electrical components are well connected; use the CRT display diagnostic screen to check whether the various switches are valid; check whether the relays and contactors are working properly and the contacts are good; thermal relays, Whether the arc suppressor and other protective components are effective; check whether the internal components of the electrical cabinet of the CNC vertical machine center are too high. For poor contact of the contactor, the contactor can be disassembled, the high-temperature oxide on the surface of the contact can be dropped with a small file, and then the debris is wiped out with absorbent cotton and alcohol, reassembled, and then the contact is processed with a multimeter Continuity test.


4. CNC vertical machine center control system

The control system includes numerical control unit, power module, I / O interface, servo amplifier, spindle amplifier, operation panel, display, etc. During maintenance, it is mainly to check whether the relevant voltage values are within the specified range; whether the electrical components are connected loosely; whether the fans of each functional module are operating normally, and to remove dust from the fans and the dust filter.

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