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CNC Vertical Machine Center In The Construction Machinery Industry

Oct 08, 2019

After a long and steady development of the construction machinery industry, its scale benefits have become the vanguard and new force in the domestic machinery industry. According to the function, the construction machinery mainly includes excavation machinery, earth-moving machinery, lifting machinery, road-building machinery, agricultural machinery and so on. It is widely used in construction, railways, highways, port terminals, farmland water conservancy, electric power, mining and other fields.

cnc machine center

The construction machinery manufacturing industry needs a large number of small and medium-sized CNC machine tools. The machine tools of SHANDONG ALLES ENERGY TECHNOLOGY CO.,LTD equipment have the advantages of complete variety, beautiful overall shape, strong rigidity, stable and reliable, and high speed. In order to meet the processing of parts with certain special requirements, Neway can add more custom functions according to demand, and effectively improve the utilization and efficiency of machine tools.


Processing characteristics:

The chain link is a 35MnB forged blank.

The shape of the blank is irregular and the clamping is difficult.

U Drilling D32 hole has large cutting force and requires high rigidity for the fixture.


Recommended models:

ALVMC1160 CNC Vertical Machine Center


Special configuration:

1.MRNC255 CNC indexing plate;

2.DAT255 strong tailstock;


Processing process:

1. The main positioning of the workpiece is clamped at the side of the workpiece, and two stations are clamped at one time. The pin hole and the side threaded hole are processed by four-axis rotation, and the four-axis rotary table of one thousandth degree can process the workpiece at any angle hole system, the bottom of the workpiece The auxiliary support cylinder can support the U-drill to process a large cutting force. The tensioner between the two stations can ensure that the side of the workpiece is close to the positioning surface, which can ensure accurate positioning of the clamp.

2. The spindle is BT40.

3. The tensioner is suitable for clamping occasions with small space.

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