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CNC Vertical Machine Center Processing Accuracy Error And Countermeasures One

Nov 05, 2019

cnc vertical machine center

The maximum processing property of CNC vertical machine center is that the consistency of batch workpiece size is very high. We know that the traditional processing of the original workpiece is carried out from one process to another, and it has to go through the clamping process. It is difficult to achieve the same processing size of each component. Of course, this does not mean that the workpiece is out of tolerance. As long as it is a qualified part within the tolerance band of the workpiece, there are some workpiece sizes that may be in the wrong position. The workpiece is in the middle difference, and some workpieces may be on the small difference, and it is difficult to ensure the dimensional consistency of the workpiece.


The machining accuracy of CNC vertical machine center is mainly as follows: the surface roughness of the inner hole is high, the inner hole of the hinge is not round, the position of the hinged hole is out of precision, and the inner surface of the hole has obvious facet and reaming. The center line of the rear hole is not straight, the aperture is enlarged, the aperture is reduced, and the like.


The following ALLES CNC takes you through the first machining accuracy: the positional accuracy of the hinged hole is exceptional.

 The position of the hinged hole is too poor(alles cnc)

The position of the hinged hole is too poor

Cause: It may be caused by the wear of the guide sleeve of the High Speed 3 axis CNC vertical machine center, the fact that the bottom end of the guide sleeve is too far from the workpiece, the length of the guide sleeve is short, the precision is poor, and the spindle bearing is loose.

Solution: When the CNC vertical 3 axis machine center reaming, if the position accuracy of the hole is too poor, the following problems can be made according to the above-mentioned problems. Regularly change the guide sleeve and lengthen the guide sleeve to improve the matching precision of the gap between the guide sleeve and the reamer. Repair the machine tool and adjust the spindle bearing clearance.

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