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CNC Vertical Machine Center Processing Accuracy Error And Countermeasures Two

Nov 06, 2019

cnc vertical machine center

The machining accuracy of CNC vertical machine center is mainly as follows: the surface roughness of the inner hole is high, the inner hole of the hinge is not round, the position of the hinged hole is out of precision, and the inner surface of the hole has obvious facet and reaming. The center line of the rear hole is not straight, the aperture is enlarged, the aperture is reduced, and the like.

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Inner hole surface roughness value is high


Cause: CNC vertical machine center has a high surface roughness, which may be caused by excessive cutting speed, improper selection of cutting fluid, excessive eccentricity of the reamer, and too large reaming allowance. The reaming allowance is uneven or too small, the cutting edge is not sharp, the hinge cutting edge is too wide, the chip removal is not smooth when reaming, the reamer is excessively worn, and the milling tool and the part material may not be selected. .


Solution: Due to the high processing roughness, there are many reasons, so it is more complicated to solve. It can be started from the following aspects: reducing the cutting speed, selecting the cutting fluid according to the processing materials, appropriately reducing the reaming allowance, and improving the reaming. Bottom hole position accuracy and quality or increase the reaming allowance, increase the chip flute space or use the reamer with the blade inclination angle to make the chip removal smooth, regularly change the reamer, and select the tool reasonably, such as when processing steel parts. Measures such as cutting tools for steel parts.

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